Beginning in 2012, Shout Factory released The Haunting Hour Episodes on five separate DVD's.


DVD Episodes Trivia

The Haunting Hour Vol. 1

51V2TaIpBqL. SY300
Really You: Part 1

Really You: Part 2

The Dead Body

A Creature Was Stirring

Nightmare Inn

The case art is based on Really You.

The Haunting Hour Vol. 2

91Jb530AINL. AC UL320 SR226,320
The Red Dress

The Ghostly Stare

The Walls

Game Over

Alien Candy

The case art is based on Game Over.

The Haunting Hour Vol. 3

91f6FMTcplL. AC UL320 SR226,320
Fear Never Knocks

Best Friend Forever

The Black Mask

My Sister the Witch

Catching Cold

The case art is based on Fear Never Knocks.

The Haunting Hour Vol. 4

91gDoPcXT2L. AC UL320 SR226,320
The Wrong Number

Afraid of Clowns

Pool Shark

Lights Out!

The Perfect Brother

The case art is based on The Wrong Number.

The Haunting Hour Vol. 5

TheHauntingHour V5
Scary Mary. Part 1

Scary Mary Part. 2



Swarmin' Norman

The case art is based on Pumpkinhead.


  • You can easily watch the entire first season of the show, plus the first three episodes of season two.
  • It's unknown if there will be anymore releases, especially since the last volume was released in 2013.