The Cuckoo Clock of Doom is the twenty-eighth book in the original Goosebumps series. It was released in February 1995.


Michael Webster is having a bad birthday, especially with his horrible sister, Tara. After his Dad brings home a weird Cuckoo Clock from an antique store, Michael thinks his life couldn't get any weirder. But after Michael messes with the clock, time starts to go backward, with Michael getting younger every night, and having to relive the worst moments from his past. Now Michael has to find a way to set everything back to normal, before he ceases to exist.


  • Michael Webster
  • Tara Webster
  • Mrs. Webster
  • Mr. Webster


  • This is one of the rare Goosebumps books to kill (in this case, erase from existence) a human character, with Tara being erased from Time at the end of a book, due to a paradox created by Michael's adventure.

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