The Body Squeezers

The Body Squeezers were the main villains of the two-part Goosebumps Series 2000 books Invasion of the Body Squeezers.


Invasion of the Body Squeezers

The Body Squeezers lived in a planet a few miles from Earth, but one day, they all wanted to have new bodies to hide their appearances. So one of their leaders, Mr. Fleshman flew over to Earth to have a look at the inhabitants, while the other Body Squeezers followed him. One of them already landed in a meteorite and was discovered by NASA and was shown on the news. Meanwhile, a boy named Jack Archer was spying on Mr. Fleshman as he had a feeling that Mr. Fleshman was hiding something in his house next door to the Archers'.

The Body Squeezers begin their invasion on Earth.

Jack thought their weakness was water, but was wrong. In the end, Jack destroys their power source. The power source is his next door neighbor in disguise.

When he gets home, he finds a blue creature. His sister says it just wants a hug.

Revenge of the Body Squeezers

A blue variation of the Body Squeezers are shown invading Earth.

Goosebumps Movie


The Body Squeezers (referred to by Slappy and Stine as the "Bug-Eyed Aliens") appear in the Goosebumps film as portrayed by Everett Dixon (credited as "Monster #7"), Devin Hampton (credited as "Monster #12"), Charlie Leach (credited as "Monster #16"), and Jeff Tenny (credited as "Monster #25"). They are among the many monsters in the series released by Slappy and are first seen freezing Officer Stevens and Officer Brooks alongside the rest of the Madison Police Department. In a later scene, they freeze Lorraine Conyers when she arrives at the police station. The Body Squeezers appear attacking Zach Cooper's school with the other monsters. The Body Squeezers appear with the other monsters at the abandoned amusement park where the final battle with Slappy and the monster army takes place.

In their concept art, they are skinnier and have darker tones in their clothes. There was going to be a scene were they attack the city with advanced weapons.

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