Say Cheese and Die - Again! is the Forty-Fourth book in the original Goosebumps series. The book was released in June 1996. The book is a sequel to Say Cheese and Die.


After Greg's events with the evil camera, he writes a report about it for school. The only problem is, Greg's teacher, Mr. Saur, won't give Greg an "A" since his story seems silly. So Greg makes a deal to bring the Evil camera and prove it's existence, in exchange for a good grade. So Greg returns to the abandoned basement and finds the camera, much to the dismay of his friend, Shari, who wants him to get rid of it, since it made her vanish. After fighting over the camera, both of them accidentally take their own pictures. Shari's pictures makes her look skinny, and Greg's makes him look fat. They think that it's just a mistake, but soon, Shari is losing weight fast, and Greg's gaining it fast. Now they have to fix their situation before it's too late...


  • Greg Banks
  • Shari
  • Mr. Saur
  • Terry Banks

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