Revenge of the Living Dummy is the first book in the Goosebumps HorrorLand series. It was released in April 2008.


The thrill ride begins when 12-year-old Britney Crosby encounters an old ventriloquist's dummy with a lively secret--and a wicked plan. Just when she thinks the nightmare is over, Britney receives an invitation to an amusement park where everything is not as it seems. Who--or what--is summoning ordinary kids to HorrorLand? Britney and her friends must find out fast--or remain trapped forever in the scariest place on Earth.


  • Slappy the Dummy
  • Brittany Crosby
  • Molly Molloy
  • Ethan Crosby
  • The Mind Stealer
  • Madame Doom
  • The HorrorLand Horrors

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