Farmer Palmer 1

Mr. Palmer is the main antagonist of the short story Pumpkinhead from Nightmare Hour.


He has a pumpkin patch, but his pumpkins are heads of people he decapitated, and he chopped off Scott's brother's head, saying, "Not quite ripe, but it's getting there".


The episode Pumpkinhead of The Haunting Hour has a slightly different story.

Farmer Palmer is a territorial farmer who lives on the isolated Route 12.

On October, 31, 2010 three kids trespassed and wandered around his pumpkin patch. Farmer Palmer warned them to leave before he had to do something drastic, but they wouldn't listen. Fed up, Farmer Palmer took the three kids who refused to leave, beheaded them and replaced their heads with pumpkins and turned their heads into pumpkins, making them his pumpkin headed monsters.

A year later history repeated itself when a group of three siblings named Allie, Scott, and Dave trespassed on his farm on the same day. After Farmer Palmer told them to leave, they took some of his pumpkins leading to the pumpkin heads to follow them and kidnap Scott who threw them in the trash. Both Allie and Scott were his new unfortunate victims.

It is revealed in the episode's sequel, "Return of the Pumpkinheads," that Farmer Palmer died some time later. However his pumpkin patch is still cursed.


  • In the book, he is described as having a beard that looks like pumpkin flesh, because he had seeds in them, but in the episode, he has no beard.