Monster Blood is the third book in the original Goosebumps series. It was released in July 1992, along with Welcome to Dead House and Stay Out of the Basement.


Evan Ross has to stay with his Aunt Kathryn, while his parents look for a house. After meeting a new friend, named Andrea (Andy), they both buy a can of slime, called Monster Blood, from a toy store. They soon find out that Monster Blood is Growing bigger, and is soon is devouring everything in sight. Also, Evan's dog, Trigger, eats some, and slowly starts to grow larger. Now Evan and Andy have to put everything back to normal before everything goes even worse.


  • Evan Ross
  • Andy
  • Monster Blood
  • Aunt Kathryn
  • Trigger
  • Sarabeth
  • Rick Beymer
  • Tony Beymer

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