Max Doyle is the main character of the book and film series Mostly Ghostly and is the love interest to Tracy Walker (Books) and Cammie Cahill (Films) and younger brother to Colin. Max is half-psychic and is the only person who can see spirits. When Nicky and Tara, who are around his age, appear out of nowhere, only he can see them. He's afraid of ghosts and scared of the siblings at first, but feels sorry for them in the situations they're put through with their missing parents. Max also realizes there is more to fear than the siblings and is constantly pursued by an evil ghost named Phears, who tortures Max to find the ghost siblings.


Max is kind, honest and sweet to everyone. He's also extremely loyal and caring towards his friends and the people he keeps close. He is also very smart and is a amateur magician.


Max Second Film 2

Max in the second film.

Max's actor in the films changes in each movie:

Part 1: Sterling Beaumon

Part 2: Ryan Ochoa

Part 3: Corey Foglmanis

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