Goosebumps first form of home media was VHS tapes, released by Fox Video and Scholastic Productions.

Cover Art Title Trivia
The Haunted Mask Featured a Behind-The-Scenes video for A Night in Terror Tower
518KRWH48FL. AC UL320 SR202,320
A Night in Terror Tower
5507491 orig
Stay Out of the Basement
The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
5166R5T1DQL. AC UL320 SR202,320
The Haunted Mask II
512GHY1A09L. AC UL320 SR200,320
Welcome to Dead House Advertised Goosebumps Series 2000
Night of the Living Dummy III Advertised Bride of the Living Dummy to air on Fox Kids
One Day at HorrorLand
Bride of the Living Dummy/An Old Story Was the first Goosebumps tape to feature two episodes instead of a Two-Part episode
51CHVNRWJ7L. AC UL320 SR176,320
Werewolf Skin