Fear street Nights is a Fear Street trillogy released in 2005.

Fear Street Nights

# Title ISBN
01 Moonlight Secrets
Moonlight-secrets-9781481413565 hr
ISBN 0-689-87864-8
Lewis and Jamie

start hanging out after midnight with their friends "The Night People". But soon they become the targets of someone who wants them dead... 

02 Midnight Games
61pbaRdWqjL. AC UL320 SR192,320
ISBN 0-689-87865-6
Dana Fear comes to Shadyside, and joins The Night People. But the killings start again and all fingers point to her. 
03 Darkest Dawn
Cvr9781442460584 9781442460584 hr
ISBN 0-689-87866-4
Things are finally starting to look up for The Night People. Or least they were, until the killings started up again....